• June 17, 2024

A Leaked Report Reveals Trump May Want To Be Handcuffed…

According to The Guardian and The New York Times, if a Manhattan grand jury indicts former US President Donald Trump for his alleged role in paying hush money to adult film actress Stormy Daniels, Trump has told his advisers that he would prefer to appear in court handcuffed.

According to both publications, if Trump is required to turn himself into authorities for fingerprinting and a photograph, he will try to make a “spectacle” out of the situation, citing numerous sources within his team. Trump stated on social media last week that he expected to be arrested in connection with the case on Tuesday of this week, but that did not occur.

According to a Wednesday article in The Guardian, Trump’s motivation is his conviction that the investigation into an alleged campaign finance violation against him is biased. There is also speculation that images of him being escorted by police into a courtroom could galvanize his political base ahead of his bid for the Republican presidential nomination in 2024.


Sources cited by The Guardian, the former US president is concerned about appearing weak in court via video link or receiving preferential treatment from authorities.

According to the publication, he expects the situation to put his Republican opponents in a difficult political position because they may be required to publicly defend him if an investigation is launched.

In a report published by Bloomberg on Monday, Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg would most likely give Trump special attention prior to any court hearing due to his status as a former head of state. This includes avoiding having his current Secret Service detail lead him into the institution while handcuffed for a “perp walk.”

The controversy centers on an alleged $130,000 payment made by Trump to Stormy Daniels through his former attorney Michael Cohen during the final weeks of his 2016 presidential campaign.


It was claimed in a legal case against Cohen that Trump eventually paid him back with several payments totaling $35,000 that were listed as legal costs. This raised new concerns about possible business record-keeping fraud, tax evasion, and campaign finance law violations. Cohen entered a guilty plea in 2018 to federal charges stemming from the alleged hush-money payment.

It is unclear when or if the Manhattan grand jury will seek to indict Trump in a case that could change American law and make him the first sitting or former president to be charged with a crime.


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