• May 29, 2023

ALERT: Russian Pop Star “Found Dead” After Taking A Shot At….

On Sunday, Russian pop star Dima Nova was discovered drowning after criticizing Russian President Vladimir Putin. He was 34.

Nova, born Dmitry Svirgunov, founded the popular electronic band Cream Soda, whose song “Aqua Disco” became an anthem for anti-war protests in Russia, according to Newsweek.

The pop group mocked Putin’s alleged $1.3 billion mansion in the song. The song was commonly heard at anti-Russian protests both before and after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. These protests were dubbed “Aqua Disco Parties.”

According to the song’s lyrics, “[Aqua disco]” is a wild hedonistic pool party for one,” Calvertjournal.com reported. One of the lyrics read,  “The king of leisure,/ I will feel super here.” Another read, “Aqua Disco,/ Here I am by the word super,/ Add duper.”

According to a report on the Russian news website People Talk, Nova fell through the ice while crossing the Volga river in the Yaroslavl region, north of Moscow. Svirgunov was reportedly accompanied by his brother Roma and a couple of friends.


“An official introduction took place today at 9:00,” read the caption next to Cream Soda’s Instagram post about Dima’s death and the death of another person in the accident. Dima and Goshi are no longer alive.”

“We had a tragedy last night,” the pop group’s post explained, the outlet noted. “Our Dima Nova, in the company of friends, was walking along the Volga and fell under the ice.”

“The Ministry of Emergency Situations are still looking for his brother Roma and friend, Gosha Kiselev,” it added. “Aristarchus, our friend who also fell under the ice, was caught, but could not be saved. As soon as we have information from the Ministry of Emergency Situations, we will inform you.”

“Aqua Disco” was heard not only at anti-Russia protests in the early days of the war but also at protests against the imprisonment of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny in 2021, according to the outlet.


Thousands of protestors were arrested at the time by police during protests that were not sanctioned by Russian officials, according to the report.


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