• December 10, 2023

A New Study Just Revealed How To Extend Your Dog’s Life….

I am a huge dog lover and I am always doing my best to keep my fur children happy and healthy.

We all have wondered how we could keep our beloved fur babies with us longer and there may be an answer.

According to a recent study, a dog’s health benefits from having a vibrant social life.

According to a study from Arizona State University, household income, which is related to a person’s ability to pay for veterinary care, does have an impact on how well and how long a dog lives, but it is not the main determinant.

“We saw that the effect of social support was about five times stronger than the effect of finances,” Layla Brassington, a graduate student and one author of the study, said, according to the Arizona Daily Star.

“Meaning our dogs, like us, benefit greatly from social bonds and social connectedness.”

The Dog Aging Project, which aims to comprehend how genes, the environment, and lifestyle affect aging and disease, included dogs in the study.

In the study, nearly 21,000 dog owners were polled. the New York Post reports. Diet, environment, and medication-related queries were all covered.

The study took into account five variables: owner age, neighborhood stability, total household income, social time with kids, and social time with animals.

“There were a few twists though: Dogs who lived in homes with children fared worse than those who lived with adults only, likely because owners spend more time with kids than pets, the researchers speculated,” the Daily Star reported.

“We found that time with children actually had a detrimental effect on dog health,” Brassington said, according to SciTechDaily. “The more children or time that owners dedicate to their children likely leads to less time with their furry children.”

Bri McCoy, a graduate student who collaborated on the study, stated that the team’s conclusion was that it boiled down to “a resource allocation issue, rather than kids being bad for dogs.”

The study discovered that playtime was crucial, especially when done with other dogs who want to go about with them.

“This does show that, like many social animals, including humans, having more social companions can be really important for the dog’s health,” McCoy said, according to the Post.

According to the Daily Star, Jamie Whittenburg, veterinarian director at Senior Tail Waggers, a club that offers guidance on aging pets, said the findings confirmed what she has observed.

“As both a veterinarian and lifelong pet owner, I was anecdotally aware that animals that had more positive social interactions received a health benefit, and it is great to see science backing this up,” said Whittenburg,  director of Kingsgate Animal Hospital in Lubbock, Texas.

The study “reinforces what most of us know intuitively, which is that social connectedness has a positive effect on health in dogs,” she said.

However, she said, not every dog needs a playmate in the house.

“Owners should evaluate their individual dog and strive to provide the desired level of social interaction,” Whittenburg said.

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So, is there ANYTHING American-made anymore?

The answer to that question is most definitely YES!

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