• May 28, 2023

A Woke, B-List Country Singer Tried To Take On Tucker Carlson But It Backfired In An Amazing…

When accepting a GLAAD award, “Woke” B-list country artist Maren Morris made fun of Tucker Carlson which was well-received by the audience.

Carlson, though, will emerge victorious because he has a greater cultural impact, is rich beyond her wildest dreams, and is well-known.

You shouldn’t feel excluded if you don’t know who Morris is. Before she posed as a civil rights champion in March and dangled her own child in front of the LGBT mafia, I had never heard of her.

The artist declared her opposition to a Tennessee legislation that forbids immoral adults from defiling children at drag shows.


“Yes, I introduced my son to some drag queens today,” Morris said at a concert, Entertainment Weekly reported. “So, Tennessee, f***ing arrest me.”

Morris hasn’t had a lot of chart success, so that statement served as a lot of people’s first introduction to her.

She did gain some influence last fall after Carlson referred to her as a “lunatic” on his program when she attempted to send a mob after Jason Aldean and his wife Brittany, a country star.

In a video that she had posted, Brittany Aldean expressed her gratitude for not being given a gender transition during her “tomboy” era, which infuriated Morris.

In any event, Morris is now wearing Carlson’s mockery of her as a badge of honor in lieu of music accolades.

She raised a significant sum of money off of him calling her a loon, Deadline reported.

“Maybe I felt a little bad*** taking Tucker Carlson’s calling me a lunatic for standing up to transphobia, turning it into a T-shirt, and raising $150,000 for LGBTQ+ charities,” she said at the GLAAD Awards May 14 before she took a shot at Carlson over his ouster at Fox News.

She added, “That made me feel a little cool… But I don’t want to gloat, I would never insult the recently unemployed.”

Fox News has certainly pleased the lunatics by canceling Carlson.

GLADD of course posted Morris’ comment on Twitter, which led to obvious questions such as, “Who is this person on my screen?”

One person who came across the tweet commented, “I had no idea who Marren Morris was before coming across this tweet linked from a news article, but I’m willing to bet Tucker still makes more money than her with just compounding interest in his bank account alone. Also, people know who Tucker is.”


One of social media’s few benefits is that it gives regular people a platform for their ideas and opinions.

The tweet mentioned above sums up Morris and her place in culture well.

If the singer is lucky, she will be returned to “woke” country music obscurity in the upcoming years. She might get bankrupt.

But Morris will probably consider 2023 to be the pinnacle of her career, which isn’t really saying much.

Meanwhile, Carlson has long dominated news cycles and will do so in the future if he so chooses.

The number of individuals who view his tweets alone is in the millions.

After quitting a show that won him over the hearts of millions, he is still in high demand and is currently being paid tens of millions of dollars to do nothing.

The former Fox News presenter has the option to leave his position at any time, and if he does, his career will have surpassed both that of his contemporaries and critics.


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