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ACTION: These News Girls Thought They Were Off The Air But Cameras Caught Their Naughty Exchange

They had no idea the cameras were still rolling! Who says the news is boring?


Two anchors showed up for work preparing to do their jobs as usual when things took an off-the-air turn that has some laughing (while others certainly want to cry!)

In the supposedly offline exchange, reporter Julie Snook is attacked by anchor Amber Sherlock for her blouse. Is this a case of the young pretty girl being undercut by the again veteran? Is she a bully? I think they both are lovely but the personality of the girl in the middle is not attractive.

As bartstoolsports put its:

The anchor lady Amber Sherlock is sexy in that “I’m a mom and I’m getting long in the tooth but I wear it well” kind of way and, in this setting, she’s the alpha bitch who’ll snipe and undercut any chick trying to tread on her turf. But especially when she’s a sexy little blonde minx like this Julie Snook:

Watch the action below:

video caption: Two news anchors have at it off air before a live ‘chat’ on Nine Network Daytime TV Show ‘9 News Now’
News reporter Julie Snook is attacked by anchor Amber Sherlock for not putting on a blue jacket – as the three women set to go on air were all in white. Watch and enjoy.

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