Plus-Size Pole Dancer Proves SEXY Comes in All Sizes[WATCH]

Ever since Susan Boyle first opened her mouth on Britain’s got talent, reality-competition shows have caught on to the fact that what people really want is the SURPRISE factor and things you wouldn’t normally see. Casting directors have been trying to replicate Boyle’s magic with people that seem almost genetically engineered for challenging social norms and ideals. When Emma Haslam walked on stage next to a pole, the audience and judges were hesitant and you could see the condescending look on Simon’s face. Which peaks volumes about how little progress we’ve made toward body acceptance.


Fortunately, Haslam knocked them all dead proving you can be sexy at any size.

Huffington Post has the story:

Emma Haslam totally brought down the house on “Britain’s Got Talent.”

The 27-year-old mom, who reportedly wears a size 18, recently appeared on the show to perform a pole-dancing routine. In the video above, you can sense the reticence of the judges, including Simon Cowell, before the performance. But as Haslam’s confidence and skills emerge, their faces light up.

Afterward, she is congratulated for inspiring positive body image among girls.

Haslam, who teaches pole dancing, said she wanted to promote pole fitness for women of all sizes. “I just hope people will see that I’m good at what I do,” she explained.

Given the millions of visits to the YouTube video since it was posted May 17, it’s likely Haslam will win over more converts than she probably could have imagined.

Haslam advanced to the semifinals of the show and caught the attention of Yours Clothing, which hired her to model its plus-size fashions, the Daily Mail reported

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