• May 27, 2024

Actor Rob Lowe DESTROYS NFL Anthem Boycotters With One Epic Tweet!

Conservative actor Rob Lowe had a few choice words for NFL players who planned to either kneel or remain seated as the national anthem was played during the start of their respective games on the anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks. The actor took to Twitter with a simple but powerful reminder:

Dear @NFL Any player wants to boycott the anthem on 9/11 should be asked to remain in the locker room until kick off. It’s not their moment.

— Rob Lowe (@RobLowe) September 11, 2016

Outraged liberals who don’t have anything better to do fired back. Offering sanctimonious lectures on the First Amendment – like they’d know? – libs claimed players have the right to say/do whatever they want. (Unless, of course, they happen to moonlight as Christian bakers, florists, or wedding photographers who politely decline to participate in same-sex “marriages.”)

Not so fast, said actor Nick Searcy. He tweeted:

There is not a basic constitutional right to be on a privately owned football team, Dufus. @VockLobster @RobLowe

— Yes, Nick $earcy! (@yesnicksearcy) September 11, 2016

Searcy reminded Lowe haters that a private business has every right to protect itself. Also that the business’s well-being trumps employees’ right to say or do anything they want. Searcy added in one tweet, “A private business can fire anybody they want.”

Liberal head implosion imminent in three… two… one…

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