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Adidas Makes Incredible Offer to Anyone Besting Record in 40 Yard Dash at Combine

Every football fan is familiar with the NFL combine in which teams get to seem players eligible for the draft in action.  One of the tests given to these players is the forty yard dash.  Adidas has offered various prizes over the years for anyone who can break the record while wearing their shoes.  The current record is owned by Chris Johnson at 4.24.  That record has stood for nine years.


Adidas has made breaking the 40-yard dash record great again in a lot of ways. Mainly, by offering a lot of really lucrative rewards to those who smash Chris Johnson’s 9-year-old record.

According to The Comeback, “In 2013, if someone broke the record, they’d win an Adidas endorsement. In 2014, the fastest time earned someone $100,000, with each of the top three fastest players winning that cash total in 2015. Last year, they offered up a million bucks to anyone who could beat the record, which obviously didn’t happen.”


Now, some catches remain. The shoes that Adidas specially makes for running the 40-yard dash cost $150. An afterthought to someone making an NFL salary, however, at the time of the combine these players aren’t making an NFL salary yet, which could prove problematic for some.

Also, Adidas does not mention providing the winning player/players with a boat so they can actually get out to their island. Not a minor detail to most island owners. There’s also the issue of relative lack of tree growth on the islands in the top-left and bottom-right of Rovell’s tweet, which makes an island get-away party difficult when trying to keep it away from the prying eyes of the media.

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