• February 9, 2023

Adorable! Gang of Tiny Ducklings Charge At Terrified Chihuahua [VIDEO]

A gang of ducklings ended up frightening a chihuahua into running away, as they chased the terrified pooch up a street. In a game of cat and mouse – or rather dog and duck – the group of at least ten tiny ducklings and their mother were filmed running towards the dog.

In the video, the ducks seem to forget all their fear as they initially swarm at the dog, who is several times their size. But instead of turning to face down the tiny army, the pooch instead decides to turn tail and run.

Not to be distracted from their goal, the ducks decide to give chase and pursue him. They initially stop to check their mother is behind, and the dog begins to face them. But after seemingly getting the nod from mum, the ducks regroup their tiny army to charge again – this time with their mother bringing up the rear.

According to the dog owner, who filmed the hilarious clip, the ducklings were walking with their mother when they “suddenly turned and started following the dog”.

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