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Alaska NAACP Hires Felon as Chapter President

The Alaska Chapter of the NAACP has hired a man who is a felon.  Not only is he a felon but the very nature of his crimes raises huge questions about his election.  Kevin McGee was kicked out of his job as president of the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) union.



The American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) union submitted an impact statement in his sentencing trial:

{Kevin McGee} “is a man who has stolen from the very people he was supposed to represent. He used his position to travel first class, stay at 5-star hotels, buy nice suits and live a life he otherwise could not afford.”

{He}  “is nothing more than an opportunistic thief who has shown no remorse” and “doesn’t feel compelled to follow” the law, the union said. “McGee left this organization in a financial mess… there was no checking ledger, bank statements were not even opened.”

From The Daily Caller:

McGee was kicked out of AFGE “for serious misconduct, incompetence, negligence, and violations of AFGE Constitution.” As president of the AFGE local for Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) employees, he drew a taxpayer-funded check despite working exclusively on union matters, under a policy called official time.

On February 2, 2010, then-national president John Gage suspended Mr. McGee from his union positions–which also included a national position dealing with affirmative action–for “gross neglect of duty,” malfeasance, and embezzlement.

The union said McGee then “failed to inform VA management, therefore he had no union position and performed no VA job. Essentially, he came to work, sat in his private office, had no job and was still paid his regular salary. Several months went by before the VA learned of his suspension and placed him in a job.”

In addition to stealing money by getting reimbursed twice for expenses, he “engaged in gross neglect of duty constituting misfeasance or malfeasance as an officer” and by “committing acts of mismanagement by expending Local funds not authorized by the membership approved budget.”

Federal prosecutors charged him with four counts of fraud, including submitting “to the Department of Veterans Affairs a travel voucher knowing that the form contained a false representation seeking reimbursement for costs that he had not incurred” and “to the United States Department of Labor, an LM-3 financial disclosure form” under-reporting the money he had been paid.

The union said the official charges “barely scratch the surface of the misappropriation and blatant theft.”


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