ALERT: President Trump Is Ready To GO TO WAR With The GOP’s Enemies!

You want to know when someone is at their most dangerous? When you think that they aren’t. Trust me, I have watched enough boxing to know that a good deal of the time when people are at what they think is an advantage that they are not paying attention to what the other guy is doing.

That is when people begin to make mistakes and ultimately make enough of them that they end up on the ground with the other guy getting his hand raised.

This election did nothing other than to make Donald Trump mad. He got screwed, everyone knows it. Even guys I know that voted for Biden think so.

That being said, the worst thing that they could have ever done is given Donald Trump time to regroup…

President Trump is preparing to begin vetting Republican candidates at Mar-a-Lago beginning in March. Specifically, he is wanting to find great candidates to primary those who voted for his impeachment.

Those that voted for impeachment will have Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell on their side.

Who would you rather have backing you? President Trump 0r these two clowns?

No contest.

Already, candidates have been in contact with Trump’s people wanting to get his endorsement. There are 10 targets in the House but by primary time there could be fewer.

Would Liz Cheney run for reelection with a 13% approval rating? I doubt it. Most people would rather quit than be totally embarrassed.

Unfortunately, only one of the six Senators is up for reelection and that is Lisa Murkowski. But there are open seats that replacing them with other Republicans would still be like picking up a seat.

According to Politico:

According to three people familiar with the planning, Trump will soon begin vetting candidates at Mar-a-Lago who are eager to fulfill his promise to exact vengeance upon incumbent Republicans who’ve scorned him, and to ensure every open GOP seat in the 2022 midterms has a MAGA-approved contender vying for it.

Trump already has received dozens of requests from prospective candidates seeking to introduce themselves and nab his endorsement, and formal meetings with them could begin as early as March. Now that Trump has survived his second Senate impeachment trial, he has shifted his focus to post-presidential activism — a venture mostly bankrolled by his new leadership PAC, Save America, which had $31 million in its coffers at the start of this month.
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