• November 29, 2023

Unhinged Road Rage Caught on Video

A grandmother and her grandchild, in North Carolina, were terrorized by a unhinged woman made it to the Internet.

After Kristin Leigh Phillips attempted two dangerous passes over yellow lines, Sherri Hastings says she started filming.

“I knew what was going to happen. I wanted it on tape. Twice the lady tried to pass me on a two-lane road with double lines on a hill. She about ran me off road first time. She got behind me a second time and then went to go around again,” Hastings told FOX 13.

“I let her have the road, called 911, reported her and her plate number. I started phone video which was in a holder on dashboard,  hands free,” she described.

One last time Phillips stopped her car and got out and walked up to Hastings’ car while swearing and actually reached into the car. The child was traumatized.

Hasting gave the footage to police and Kristen Leigh Phillips turned herself in after seeing the video posted on the Internet and was arrested and charged with crimes of assault and battery.

That was one smart grandmother to have the camera ready and filming the incident.

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