• June 20, 2024

Federal Judge Orders Marines to Reinstate Jason Brezler Immediately


The Marines drummed Jason Brezler out of the Marine Corps because he supposedly violated the law against sending classified email through a nonsecure email server.  What he sent was a warning about an Afghanistan lawman who is a pedophile and who pimps out young boys for sex.  His warning wasn’t taken seriously and as a result three Marines died.  But instead of receiving the same punishment as Clinton (Forced to run for president) Brezler was kicked out of the Marines with a dishonorable discharge.

NPR’s Quil Lawrence reported:

“In 2010 he was at a remote base in Helmand province. The mission was to support the local Afghan population against the Taliban. To do that, Brezler found, he also had to help them against corrupt officials of their own government.

” ‘The police in many cases was a destabilizing force — and driving more folks into the arms of the Taliban,’ Brezler says.

“In particular, the local police chief, Sarwar Jan, turned into a problem.

” ‘Sarwar Jan, he was a threat to not only the Afghans but our own Marines,’ Brezler says.

“The chief was maybe linked to the Taliban. He was also alleged to be a pedophile who preyed on local boys — something alarmingly common among Afghan warlords.”

Brezler was able to kick Jan off the base but years later while attending class in the United States, Brezler received an email titled: ‘SARWAR JAN IS BACK.’

From NPR:

Brezler was able to kick Sarwar Jan off the base. Two years later, he was back in the States and still in the Marine reserves, working on a master’s degree — when he heard Sarwar Jan had returned.

“I’m sitting at a conference table in Oklahoma, taking I believe a public budgeting class, and I received an email, and the title was ‘SARWAR JAN IS BACK,’ all caps, exclamation point, exclamation point,” he told Quil.

“It was a forwarded request for information from a Marine in Helmand. Sarwar Jan was living on a U.S. base again,” Quil reported. “Brezler searched his laptop — it was the same one he’d had with him in Helmand — and found the dossier on Sarwar Jan. He attached it, hitting ‘reply all’ and then ‘send.’ “

But the dossier was marked classified. The information went unheeded, Quil reported, and “just 17 days after Brezler’s warning, one of Sarwar Jan’s underage servants grabbed an assault rifle and killed three unarmed Marines at the base gymnasium in Helmand.”

The federal judge ruled that the Navy had refused to give Brezler copies of retaliation reports, causing him to lose his case.  He could be retried but only if the documents are made available to him.  That could make it impossible for them to get a conviction.  It’s unlikely our new commander and chief would allow it anyway.

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