• July 19, 2024

America Hating Refugee Arrested for Food Stamp Fraud


An anti American store owner has been arrested for food stamp fraud, bail is set at 2 million dollars.  This is not his first arrest.  He has been arrested several times before.  This time he is also charged with breaking into a nearby rental property and stealing kitchen cabinets, baseboard heaters and a hot water tank.  Prior to these charges, Ahmed Alshami has been arrested 10 times for charges ranging from assault to drugs.

During his arraignment, Alshami pleaded not guilty.  His wife and daughter also displayed their hatred for America by giving their middle fingers to the camera as they said:

“You happy now? F**k you all. F**k you America.”


From USHerald.com:

By now they should really start to learn to take responsibility for one’s actions. This isn’t Alshami’s first offense or even his second or third.

Authorities say that Alshami has been arrested at least ten separate times for offenses that range from assault to drug charges.

It’s easy to see where Alshami’s family learned their deplorable behavior from. Buffalo News reports that Alshami received a lot of criticism from the local community for allowing drug activity to go on around his store.

He didn’t take it lightly however and made a violent and overly aggressive Facebook post to the community Facebook page.


Shortly after this was posted, someone tried to burn the store down.  If convicted Alshami is facing 14 years in prison and deportation after that.  Under Obama, 10 arrests including felonies won’t get you deported.

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