An Artist Let Herself Be Used Freely For 6hrs, The Scene Was Horrifying! [VIDEO]

Marina Abramovic is a well-known performance artist who has conducted numerous thought-provoking performance art installations. Marina made history through her revolutionary art medium. She is known for not just expressing her thoughts in her masterpieces but also for having the ability to make people realize a certain message.


One of Marina’s remarkable performance art pieces is entitled ‘Rhythm 0’. The performance art was conducted in Studio Morra, Naples, Italy in 1974. This particular installation became the subject of academic discourses and discussions as it sent a very serious and deep message for the people about violence and freedom.

The 6-hour performance art has a one simple instruction. Viewers can do anything to Marina’s body using the 72 objects she placed on a table near the spot where she stood. Marina gave them the freedom to do anything they wanted to her body for 6 hours.

The objects on the table include ‘objects of pleasure’ and ‘objects of destruction’. The table contained small and soft materials such as roses and feathers. However, Marina also placed violent instruments like knifes, razor blades and a loaded gun.

The tension escalated quickly inside the performance room. According to some art critics who witnessed the performance, some participants would only change her position or attach things to her during the first part of the exercise.

However, violence immediately ensued as people started to cut off her clothes, cut her skin using the razor blades, sexually assault her as they stripped her naked, stuck rose thorns into her stomach, and even made her point the loaded pistol to her head.

When the 6-hour exercise finally ended, severely injured Marina walked around and showed the participants what they had done to her. According to Elite Readers, the same participants who violated her were the ones who could not look into her eyes as shame seemed to have eaten their existence.

She also claimed in her reviews that most of the people who participated in the violence escaped the scene and avoided actual confrontation.

Marina admitted that she felt severely violated and humiliated as soon as she gave them the freedom to do so. Marina’s account of her performance art was filled with realizations that she gained during the 6-hour trust exercise.

One of the remarkable conclusions of the exercise is that the people would do everything violent if they are given enough freedom to do so. Marina’s painful masterpiece also showed how easy it would be for a person to be dehumanized and abused once he or she decided not to fight back. Moreover, the use of excessive power and freedom in this case was proven to be destructive.





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