A Very Mysterious Medical Case Hits A 44-year-old Man, Nearly Causes His Death

Kevin Breen, a 44-year-old from Grand Rapids, Michigan had a loving wife and was the father of two kids. You can say that he was a typical man who was conscious about his health and worked hard to provide for his family.



One day though, he noticed that something was wrong with him.

Just two days after Christmas day last 2016, Kevin started experiencing severe stomach aches and a high fever. At first, he thought it was just the usual flu. However, his condition started to deteriorate quickly which prompted his family to take him to the emergency room.

Doctors were clueless as to what his illness was. They weren’t able to give him a clear diagnosis even after running a large battery of tests on him. Kevin’s body even refused the medications being given to him.


Eventually, he was sent home for further observation. The doctor’s told him to come back if he doesn’t see any improvements despite the high dosage of medication he was taking.

After just one night at home, Kevin was rushed to the hospital again the next morning because his condition only worsened.

Kevin’s body slowly started to fail and his vital organs were on the brink of dying. Due to poor blood circulation, his hands and feet started turning black and began to rot.

Finally, his doctors were able to figure out what Kevin was suffering from. The doctors found that Kevin’s 3-year-old boy had tonsillitis before his body started showing these strange symptoms. They then decided to test Kevin for strep or streptococcal infection.


The doctors turned out to be right when they saw that Kevin tested positive of having the disease. When they saw how severe the strep disease is, they found that it had gone from his throat to his stomach.

One by one, his other organs began failing. First was his kidney which alerted the doctors to conduct an immediate dialysis to prevent him from dying. As he fought for his life, Kevin slowly showed signs of progress.
Though his entire left hand, as well as several ¦ngers on his right hand and parts of both his feet, had to be amputated, Kevin is now on his way to full recovery.


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