They Were Shocked After Discovering Something Weird Inside This Huge Snake [VIDEO]

Snakes are known to be one of the deadliest animals in the wild. They attack their prey either through the use of their venomous poison or by strangling them and eating them as a whole.


Reptiles such as pythons and anacondas are considered constrictors. They are the type of snakes that will suffocate their prey before engulfing its whole body.

Usually, they attack smaller animals so constricting and ingesting them wholly is easier for these deadly reptiles. However, there are also reported cases of snakes swallowing humans. It only means that these wild animals are really powerful.

Nonetheless, there are rare cases of ‘cannibalism’ in snakes. Little by little reports of snakes eating other snakes surfaced on the internet. The report below featured by is one of the few.

In the video, a group of hunters found a dead snake lying near a river. What grabbed their curiosity was the huge lump on its stomach which prompted them to think that it had its meal just before it died.

They think that the snake swallowed a human or another reptile because of the size of its belly. They decided to cut it open to see what could be inside. All of them were shocked when they found out another snake inside it!

The dead snake was as large as the one in its stomach. Furthermore, it was also reported that the snake found inside the dead snake also seemed to be full.

They assumed that the second snake just also had its meal before becoming a meal for the dead snake they discovered. Luckily the contents of that snake were not also another full snake leading to full blown snake-ception.

Watch the video here:


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