• December 6, 2023

An Astonishing Number Of Cities With High Gun Violence Are Also Run By Democrats – Coincidence?

I’ve lost count of the times that we’ve had high-profile violent shootings in the United States in the past seven-plus years. But without fail, Obama and the Democrats proclaim that it’s the guns that are the problem. We have a gun problem in America. Everyone needs to surrender their guns. Guns are scary. Take guns out of entertainment. BAD GUNS!

Yeah. It’s totally the guns. It’s not poverty or crimes rates or – you know – the fact that Democrat-controlled cities tend to have the most gun-related violence, especially in black communities.

Oh yeah – that’s the other part of this. We hear plenty about gun violence from white people (particularly police officers) against black people. But you’ll NEVER hear Obama give a lecture about stopping black-on-black crime. Which is a crapton more prevalent than white-on-black crime.

Luckily, we have numbers to back this up. Here’s a graph showing the murder and crime rates in Obama’s hometown of Chicago –


From 2003 to 2011, the total number of murders has gone down, but the percentage of black victims murdered has gone up (with a slight spike in 2008). Which, if you think about it, is kind of strange. Using liberal logic, shouldn’t the total numbers for everyone go down equally?

Nope. Because that’s not how it works. It’s not white people systemically out to murder blacks or Hispanics (and it’s CERTAINLY not white police officers specifically targeting minorities). It’s blacks murdering other blacks or Hispanics murdering other Hispanics –

There are approximately 8,000 gun related homicides annually in the U.S. The vast majority occur in the urban ghettos and are committed by blacks and hispanics against other blacks and hispanics. They use illegally acquired guns, so more gun laws will do nothing. Their lawless culture, requiring no personal responsibility by those who father children, creates the dysfunction and crime. The urban ghetto kill zones all have the same thing in common – run by liberal Democrats for decades, with poverty created by their welfare policies, dreadful public schools, and a black population who don’t work and take no personal responsibility for their lives or their children.

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