• June 17, 2024

Obama Eid Celebration Empowers Islamists, Ignored FBI Policy

Obama Eid Celebration Empowers Islamists, Ignores FBI Policy
Obama Eid Celebration Empowers Islamists, Ignores FBI Policy

The Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT) reported that the Obama White House once again held a celebration this past Thursday afternoon to honor Eid al Fitr, the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan and learned that it included a number of Islamist activists who have espoused views in direct contrast with American policy.

While the White House declined to comment to the IPT or release a complete list of invitees, the White House broke a FBI policy, dating back to 2008 when among them were several officials from the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and a former official who remains close to the organization. In contrast, Muslim Americans who believe CAIR and other Islamist groups are not representative of the community’s diverse viewpoints were not invited.

ITP stated, “The inclusion of so many CAIR officials shows that the United States government has wildly different views about the organization. FBI policy since 2008 prohibits engagement with CAIR, which touts itself as “a grassroots civil rights and advocacy group” and the country’s “largest Muslim civil liberties organization.”

“However, the FBI cut off CAIR’s access after its agents uncovered CAIR’s darker history. Internal documents and eyewitness accounts prove that CAIR was born into a network of Muslim Brotherhood-created support groups in the United States, “ITP stated. “Each branch of that network, known as the “Palestine Committee,” shared a mission of boosting the Islamist movement in general and Hamas in particular.”

CAIR has tried to ignore or minimize these statements. But it has never acknowledged the connections to the Hamas support network or ever tried to claim that it has evolved since then and no longer pursues its original secret agenda. It has had only one executive director in its history, and he was listed in a roster of the network’s members (see No. 25, Nihad Awad).

“Despite this wealth of evidence, Thursday’s Eid celebration shows that the message to CAIR is a little different at the Obama White House: Come on in!, “IPT stated.

IPT went to report that at least four CAIR officials were invited. Among them, a man who called the 2008 war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza a “genocide” and who likens the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) to ISIS, and a man who accuses the FBI of setting up innocent Muslims and of cold-blooded murder. In addition, Ahmed Bedier, a former CAIR official in Florida who continued to raise money for the organization as recently as 2014, posted links to videos from the event on Twitter Thursday afternoon.

“Honoring a holiday celebrated by several million Americans is fine. But the Obama administration’s insistence on inviting – thereby empowering – radical Islamist voices like the CAIR officials included Thursday overlooks the work and conclusions of its own career agents and prosecutors, “said IPT.

IPT went on to say, “He gets the White House invitation – again, at least his second – but Jasser and his fellow reformists are shut out. The imprimatur that accompanies an audience with the president of the United States can be used for tremendous good. It can raise new voices to prominence, and it can stimulate much-needed debate. The Reform Movement declaration, for example, specifically emphasizes the rights of women to equal treatment.”

“Instead, President Obama and his staffers continue to tip the scales to favor the most monolithic, pro-Islamist voices and protect the monopoly they enjoy on public debate… it is beyond shameful.”


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