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ANGRY Trey Gowdy Trashes Anti-Trump Media Over Wiretapping Investigation Reporting [VIDEO]

The mainstream news media has a lower public opinion rating than Congress.  That means less Americans trust a news reporter/journalist than they do a Washington, D.C. politician.


There’s a reason for such low poll numbers;  they can’t be trusted to report the truth.  Most journalists these days report the news with an ideological slant to change the reality to fit the narrative that their ideology demands.  That’s not journalism.

There’s a valid reason why both Republican’s and Democrat’s either admire or fear Congressman Trey Gowdy, the young silver-haired South Carolina Republican, and whether you’re a friend or foe, you’ll witness and perhaps experience a brilliant lawyer and constitutional scholar dissecting the most complex legal issues, so that everyone can easily understand them, and more importantly a tenacious and forceful prosecutor who’s earned the respect and title of “The Bulldog.”

And that title was on full display Monday when Gowdy appeared on Fox News to take on the mainstream media’s biased coverage of President Trump’s claim of being wiretapped during the 2016 campaign and the issue surrounding who was involved within the Obama White House.

Gowdy, a member of the House Select Committee on Intelligence, said that the investigation should be tasked to Congress, rather with those in the media and for obvious reasons.

“I think Congress is much better equipped to do investigations than journalists are,” Gowdy told Fox News’ Bill Hemmer. “We can’t rely on anonymous sources. We can’t rely on leaked information, classified information which in and of itself is a crime.

Gowdy continued: “So with all due respect to the reporters, I can’t cross-examine anonymous sources. You can’t even directly examine them. It’s a lot easier to write a news piece than it is to conduct an investigation.”

“What Congress needs is access to the witnesses, access to the documents, and to understand that we don’t run parallel criminal investigations. We have a job to do, but it is not to investigate crime.”

When asked about President Trump’s assertions of being wiretapped during the campaign, Gowdy responded he did not and added that there was no evidence that the Trump Campaign colluded with Russia, stating: “reports to the contrary have been described as demonstrably false to me by people who would know.”

Moreover, this is where Gowdy is at his best, piecing together fragmented bits of information, such as the reported “FISA Warrants, the Flynn transcripts, the New York Times and other media coverage and the “mysterious back channel.”

Obviously, the Obama Administration has a long and dubious history of spying on both friendly countries and individuals; perhaps the most notable is Obama’s NSA spying on German Chancellor Angela Merkel.



H/T US Herald

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