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Anthropologist, Fuambai Ahmadu Says Female Genital Mutilation is a Good Thing [VIDEO]

Anthropologist, Fuambai Ahmadu appeared on the Tucker Carlson show, where she espoused the the act of female genital mutilation.  She said it is no different than male circumcision.  But whereas male circumcision is the cutting of extra skin on the penis, female genital mutilation is cutting the clitoris a key for female sexual satisfaction.  It is the way that Muslims try to make sure their women don’t have an affair because there is no pleasure in it for them.  Why don’t Muslim men get their weenies whacked, so they too can be true to their wives, goats and camels?

Ahmadu:”I don’t identify with the term FGM with the term mutilation, I don’t know anybody in my family that does or my community. And from over 25 years of research I’ve done in the field, I would say the great majority of women who are affected by what I call female circumcision practices do not see themselves as mutilated.”

This woman went on to defend the doctor in Michigan who was arrested for performing genital mutilation procedures on young girls. Tucker Carlson brought up the point that little girls shouldn’t be subjected to such barbaric practices because they are too young to consent for something that leaves them with permanent damage.

How could anyone defend harming innocent girls like this? This woman is pure evil.

How on earth can anyone think this is a good thing?  I will bet liberal women and cupcakes will argue that it’s their culture.  Well, early in the 20th century it was Indian culture that when a man died and his body was being burned, his wife would be tossed on the fire so she can be with her dead husband.  Don’t you think humanity should trump cultural traditions?


H/T The Gateway Pundit


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