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Anti-Fracking Liberal Convicted of 13 Counts of Felony Voter Fraud

Ironically, Rebecca Hammonds, an activist with Ohio Organizing Collaborative (OOC), an anti-fracking organization that accused energy companies of committing voter fraud in order to kill some tree hugging proposals has been convicted of 13 counts of felony voter fraud.  An investigation into the enegy companies found the accusations to be without foundation.  However, the charges against Hammonds has been confirmed.  She was actually charged with 35 counts of fraud but 22 counts were dropped possibly in a plea deal.


Hammonds will now have to serve 6 months in prison for fabricating 35 voter registration forms.  Hammonds claims she did it to assure funding to save her job and the jobs of eight others.  The special prosecutor saw it differently.  He claimed that Hammonds was just too lazy to gather legitimate registrations and found it easier to make them up.

Hammonds stated:

“I felt like I needed to keep the numbers up because it was stated that if there weren’t very many numbers then they would pull the funding, which would mean not only my job but eight other peoples’ jobs.”


From The Daily Caller:

The special prosecutor in the case believes Hammonds was merely acting lazy.

“It was an hourly pay wage job and this defendant felt it was easier to sign up people falsely,” Special Prosecutor Brian Deckert told reporters.  “I think it just may have come down to human laziness.”

Anti-fracking activists in the Buckeye State suffered a series of crippling legal defeats last year when Ohio’s Supreme Court refused to place anti-fossil fuel measures on the ballot in November.

The court’s decisions should not come as a shock, as similar bans have been struck down in other states across the country.


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