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Antifa Thinks That Their Black Clothing Will Stop Traffic, Till Driver Plows Through Them [Watch]

Antifa is out of control as we know and they just don’t seem to stop with their aggressive behavior.


Just check out these thugs of fascism just this past weekend.

Hope the guy in the video has some good health insurance, and learns his lesson. Traffic doesn’t always stop for hooded Antifa thugs.

As you might expect this man’s “accident” drew a lot of comments on twitter:

These comments are exactly spot on!

And as we know this isn’t the first time Antifa has used bullying tactics to get their way.

Owner Of Oregon Bar Allowed Antifa To Assault Conservatives With Weapons, Lawsuit Says

The owner of what is considered an Antifa friendly bar in Oregon is being investigated after it was alleged that he allowed Antifa protesters to use weapons against conservatives.

A report by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) said that the owner of Cider Riot would not boot patrons who were ornery and then made fake statements to authorities, Fox News reported.

“It’s not clear what OLCC would have wanted my client to do,” the attorney for the owner, Juan Chavez said.

“Did they want Abe to be both a one-man police force and a bouncer, all while he was dealing with a small triage hospital in his cidery?”

The commission’s investigation has recommended multiple administrative charges against Goldman-Armstrong and his staff.

The investigation into Cider Riot was prompted after several complaints were filed with the agency following the May 1 brawl.

Law enforcement officials have also charged conservative activist and Patriot Prayer founder Joey Gibson, as well as five other men associated with the conservative group, with felony riot offenses. Gibson faces a $1 million lawsuit from Goldman-Armstrong.

On Friday, a judge rejected Gibson’s request to have the case moved outside Portland, the Oregonian/OregonLive.con reported.

Chavez also claimed Patriot Prayer encouraged its supporters on social media to report Cider Riot to regulators.

“Goldman-Armstrong stated that his patrons were only acting in self-defense but clearly, according to the video, he was present and watching as patrons displayed aggressive behavior,” state inspector Genny Welp said in the report.

The owner, Goldman-Armstrong, said he is planning on selling the bar but wants to sell it to someone who shares his anti-fascist beliefs.

“We’re not going to sell to racist s—–gs, and I don’t think the other investors would feel comfortable selling to someone who doesn’t believe in equal rights for all humans,” Goldman-Armstrong said.

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