• October 4, 2023

Apparently Not ALL Teachers Are Selfless And Dedicated To Their Students: One Student Tells How He Is Lambasted By His Teacher

It is truly appalling what passes for a teacher in some of America’s classrooms. A few bad apples cast a very a bad image on the profession. And when teachers and public school administrators are pandering to tax payers for tax increases to pay their salaries, this is certainly not the image they want to project to the public. Is it acceptable behavior for a teacher to ridicule a student for differing political views? Apparently one teacher thinks it is.


BizPacReview: Outspoken 13-year-old, black conservative activist, CJ Pearson is used to people attacking him for his views, but he never expected it to come from one of his teachers.

Pearson told BizPac Review on Tuesday that the sixth grade teacher at Columbia Middle School in Evans, Ga., Michael Garrison, told students in his class that CJ is “not worth saving in a fire” and that he “hates him.”

Pearson, who was recently involved in controversy when he learned he was blocked by President Obama’s Twitter page, said he was told by several students who were in Garrison’s class when the comments were made on Friday.

According to Pearson, the students also told him that Garrison accused Pearson of cheating on a vocabulary test when he was in sixth grade, a charge that Pearson vehemently denies.

“It’s always great having a teacher that’s not only a liberal bully, but someone who engages in slander,” Pearson told BizPac Review sarcastically.

Pearson, who has become a social media sensation with several viral videos, tens of thousands of followers and numerous appearances on Fox News, said he expects criticism but when that criticism comes from a teacher, it crosses the line.

“My words are bold and I don’t expect everyone to agree. But to have a teacher say this about me? Completely inexcusable. I hope the Columbia County School District addresses this,” Pearson said.

“Also, our school has zero tolerance bullying standard for students. I hope that standard isn’t easily forgotten when it comes to teachers.”

School principal Eli Putnam gave a statement to BizPac Review Tuesday afternoon, promising a full investigation into the allegations.

“This was brought to our attention after it was posted on social media. We have been on an extended holiday weekend and will conduct a full review of the allegations once school resumes tomorrow,” Putnam wrote. “Columbia Middle School believes all students should be taught in a safe and positive environment. Accordingly, if the claims are substantiated we will handle the issue as a personnel matter.”

Most teachers would walk through fire for their students. Too bad this great kid experienced such a rotten apple.

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