• June 21, 2024

Armed Attendant Defends “Obama Gas Station” With Gun

This is a story that will put a wry smile on your face. An attempted robbery was made on a gas station in South Carolina, which is not out of the ordinary, but the funny thing about this is the name of this gas station is: “Obama Gas Station”. The owner of the gas station carries for protection, and when the attempt was made the would be thief ran from the sight of the gun. Dare I say it? If this man did not have the right to bare arms, who knows to what length the perpetrator would have gone.

According to Breibart:

The gas station was named after President Obama in 2011, after owner Sam Alhanik “got the idea from a friend who created an Obama Gas Station in Michigan.” Alhanik is originally from Yemen and told Live5News that Obama is “the first president of black people.” “It’s our president. We like him,” he said.

Such irony, to think an immigrant from Yemen owns a gas station in South Carolina. He carries a gun for protection of his life and business. He like’s Obama because he is a black president. But if Obama had his way this business owner would not be able to have a gun, and would be at the mercy of these thugs. Sort of make’s you scratch your head doesn’t it? What do you think?



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