• May 24, 2024

Transgender Pregnancy, And The New American Family

No matter how many times I hear how we have to be tolerant of others who change their sexual identity, or even when they change from being a person to even a cat or a dragon; I’m still repulsed. I cannot condone this insanity by verbalizing niceties, it will not happen.

According to Time:

Evan, who was born female, had wanted to be a parent since he was very young, when he played with dolls just a bit longer than the other kids. He’d helped pay for college by nannying triplets. And when he first came out to friends as transgender at 19, changing his name and beginning his long physical transformation, he didn’t stop adding to the list of baby names in the back of his journal: Kaya, Eleanor, Huxley.

What a person wants to do with their own body is there business, but they have to deal with the consequences of such actions. I will not change my routine or God given right to live by laws of a few, because they don’t like what they look like.

The law of the land should not change for the few misguided. The sad part is what the child will have to endure, does confusion come to mind. How sad this time has become that we live in.

What do you think?

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