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I am not sure about this but there must have been a time in history where Portland, the city of commies wasn’t that. There had to be a time where it was NOT overrun with Antifa and BLM mobs looking to destroy anything they deemed to be racist, right?

There have been riots, beating up white people coming out of stores, harassing older people, and in fact, even murder.

Maybe there will be a day that violence from that area will stop or at the very least be less shocking, but today is not that day.

Today’s example of Spoiled Trust Fund Babies Gone Wild sees a disabled Marine gets assaulted by armed goons.

Watch the video here:



According to The Post Millennial, the armed thugs were running “security” for a march of some sort. I don’t care who it was for, and I doubt you do either. Police asked the public to send information via email to [email protected], or by using the Crime Stoppers website. Police are offering rewards of up to $2,500 for information.

What would be nice is if the leftists didn’t think there were no consequences for their actions. Because the City of Portland has made it clear over and over again there are no consequences for their actions. An angry mob was armed to the teeth. They assaulted a motorist who clearly thought his life was in danger. He pulled a gun to defend himself, got attacked from behind, then the armed goons acted like the disabled Marine was in the wrong … for pulling a gun on THEM.

The next time Joe Biden’s White House gaslights police officers or claims that Antifa is a figment of Fox News’ imagination, remember clips like this. These are Biden’s ideological comrades.




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