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Assange Fearing Assassination Will Reveal Documents Via Video Appearance



Originally, Julian Assange was going to make a major announcement from the balcony of the Ecuadorian embassy but security concerns, especially after an intruder tried to break into the embassy just a month ago, Assange decided to make a video appearance on Tuesday that will be broadcast from Germany at what would be 3:00 AM EST.  This could be strategic since the second presidential debate takes place that night.  News organizations could have 18 hours to go through any documents released by Wikileaks.

What is not known is if documents include those stolen from the DNC or those relating specifically about Hillary or possibly a mixture of the two, but Assange has promised on multiple occasions that he had information that would be politically devastating to Clinton.  A month ago, Assange appeared on Fox and he promised devastating documents would be released as soon as the following week but it never materialized until now.

Wikileaks released documents just before the beginning of the Democratic national Convention that led to the resignation of several high ranking officials once it was revealed that the DNC was in the tank from the beginning for Hillary and hampering the chances of Bernie Sanders.  What we do know is that Hillary strategist Bob Beckel called for the assassination of Julian Assange.

From Heatstreet:

Assange himself has also recently hinted publicly that low-level DNC staffer Seth Rich, who was murdered this summer in Washington DC, had been the source for Wikileaks’ document dump on the DNC. And that Rich’s alleged role in the leaks was linked to his death.

There has been no evidence linking Rich to the leak and no evidence that his murder was anything more than a botched robbery.

Nonetheless, the Wikileaks’ cancellation of Tuesday’s announcement in London — and the scheduling of the Tuesday video link in Berlin — has anti-Clinton conspiracy theorists working up a frantic stew of speculation.

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