• May 17, 2022

Obama Refugee Charged With Rapes of 87 and 94 Year Old Women


Adeladilew Mekonen, a refugee from Ethiopia in 2011 has been charged with eighteen counts of rape involving an 87 year old and a ninety four year old along with about six others who have come forward.  The 87 year old is suing the hospital because after the 94 year old reported that Mekonen had raped her the hospital did nothing.  They continued to let him be alone with the elderly women.  If they had put a stop to him then, the 87 year old woman would not have been raped by him.

From Breitbart News:

The lawsuit alleges that Providence St. Vincent Medical Center:

knew and had reason to know that Adeladilew Mekonen had abused and was likely to again sexually abuse ill and elderly female patients, including plaintiff, if he were allowed to be alone with them in their rooms, and yet defendant Providence directed and allowed Mekonen to continue to attend such female patients, including plaintiff, under such circumstances.

As the 87-year-old woman’s attorney Greg Kafoury told Portland TV station KOIN: “When you get an accusation as serious as this, you’re really supposed to do something about it,” Kafoury said about the hospital’s actions. “You’re not supposed to look for the first door out and try to look for a way to say it never happened.”

Providence St. Vincent gave KOIN 6 News this statement:

Providence has been working closely with law enforcement and prosecutors in this ongoing investigation. As additional patients contacted us, we worked with Washington County detectives to connect patients with investigators and conduct interviews. We played a direct part in helping detectives take action in these new cases. Providence is committed to the safety of our patients and their families. In all of our hospitals, we have a team of people working to review and investigate any patient concerns we receive. We work every day to earn the trust of our patients, just as we have been doing for 160 years.

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