• May 27, 2024

At Least One Email Account on Clinton Private Server Was Hacked


The FBI has confirmed that an email account on the Clinton server was hacked into by someone using Tor.  They have redacted the name of the person whose account was hacked is female and the FBI didn’t say that it wasn’t Hillary, although they didn’t say it was either.  When the FBI talked to this person, she told them she wasn’t familiar with Tor (Or the “C” for Classified?) and had never used it.  The account was hacked on January 5th, 2013.  Less than one month after the breach, Clinton left the State Department.

The hacker, who was not identified, used three IP addresses known to be used with Tor.  Tor is a program developed with help of the US government is a privacy tool used to hide someone’s tracks on the internet.  These Tor “exit nodes” are  jumping-off points from the anonymity network to the public internet.  The FBI found that the account was not properly secured.  During Clinton’s interview with the FBI, she claimed that she received an email from someone she knew that contained a link to a porn site and that she was afraid she had been hacked.

From Politico:

Tor, developed with support from the U.S. government, is used around the world to let people such as activists and journalists communicate and surf the Web without interference from oppressive regimes, but it has also drawn criticism for allowing hackers and criminals to evade law enforcement while peddling porn, drugs and stolen data.

The new report also revealed that one of Clinton’s IT aides enabled Remote Desktop Protocol on the server, despite known vulnerabilities in the protocol. FBI investigators also could not determine if the widely recommended security protocol TLS was ever enabled.

The FBI in July declined to recommend charges in connection with Clinton’s email practices, though Director James Comey called her and her aides’ conduct “extremely careless.”


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