• June 17, 2024

Trump Protester Rips Up Sign From 71 year Old man


A 71 year old man was waving a sign supporting Donald Trump , when a young Black Lives matter protester ripped the sign from his hands, ripped it and threw it on the ground.  The police showed up and left the BLM thug alone and in the video, you will see two black cops making the 71 year old man leave.

71 year old Jerry Lambert, wanted Asa Khalif arrested but police would not oblige him as they thought his action although illegal didn’t warrant an arrest.  Fair enough, but I wonder if the tables were turned would it have been enough for an arrest.  If not, fair enough.  But considering the violence police overlook in liberal cities, you have to wonder.

Image source: Twitter

From The Blaze:

“He’s he only candidate who has the nerve to tell the truth about what’s happening in this country,” Lambert added. “Unemployment is 20 percent, not 5 percent that the people in Washington tell ya. Israel has a wall. There was the great Chinese wall of China.”

Police lieutenant John Stanford said officers “broke it up and didn’t see anything that warranted an arrest,” PhillyVoice reported.

Later Lambert told PhillyVoice that he chalked up the incident as what can occur when “someone gets overheated. It’s no big deal. I’m alright.”

“If I was in any other country, they’d hang me from a tree,” he told PhillyVoice. “God Bless America. We can’t do this in other countries. They have a right to protest, but when someone grabs your property, that’s going over the line, and it almost got there. They have a right to scream and yell, but I do, too. That’s what makes our country so great.”

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