• September 30, 2022

[AUDIO] #BoycottTarget Grows To Amazing Numbers In Just 3 Days

This thing isn’t going away. The #BoycottTarget petition and boycott is catching fire and people are pledging to put them out of business. Listen to the audio at the end of this post.

Breitbart.com:The American Family Association’s (AFA) petition to boycott Target (see details) “has almost half a million signatures already,” according to AFA’s Director of Government Affairs and the host of Sandy Rios in the Morning on AFR Talk, Sandy Rios. Rios joined Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Stephan K. Bannon to discuss the effort Monday morning.

As Breitbart News reported yesterday, #BoycottTarget dominated the top 10 Facebook trends three days in a row:

What began as a corporate statement of solidarity with LGBT activists has morphed into a public relations disaster for Target. On Tuesday, Target stated it “welcomes transgender team members and guests to use the restroom or fitting room facility that corresponds with their gender identity.” Target added, “Everyone deserves to feel like they belong.”

The AFA launched its #BoycottTarget petition. As of right now, the AFA website reports 488,507 individuals have signed a pledge not to shop at Target. Rios also pointed out that some signatures represent families, not individuals, so it’s difficult to pinpoint an exact number of individuals making their feelings known by signing the petition.

Asked to respond to accusations that those behind the petition are “haters,” said Rios, if putting young children “at risk makes me a hater, then I’d sign up.”

“I don’t care what they think,” she said. “Personally, this is common sense. And we have to do something. Let me also add, AFA’s position on this is that there are family restrooms. And if there aren’t, there should be one gender neutral bathroom. Nobody wants a transgendered man not to have a place to go to the bathroom. That’s not the point… Our position is, let’s have a family bathroom, or something that’s neutral.”


And if you want to sign the petition, here it is: AFR.net

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