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Bank Robbers Hit Armored Car In Rush Hour Traffic MUST SEE [VIDEO]

DRAMATIC footage of a real-life van heist captured the moment armored car doors were flung high into the air in a massive explosion.  Like a Hollywood action movie the thieves take out the doors, one of which went sailing into the air without a care of who gets hurt.  These guys are serious.


The video begins showing gridlocked traffic during rush hour on a busy stretch of motorway.

In the distance, smoke can be seen billowing into the air.

Seconds later, a thunderous boom echoes out before car doors from an armored van carrying cash are catapulted into the sky.

In a hilarious real-life re-enactment of the infamous The Italian Job scene, it seems the robbers also failed to “only blow the bloody doors off” as warned by Michael Caine’s character, Charlie Croker.

DRAMA: The car doors are blown into the air in the shock footage

Instead, shocked witnesses gasp and scream in horror before panicked drivers attempt to get away from the flaming van by driving the wrong way down the highway into oncoming traffic.

“Holy s***”, one witness can be heard yelling.

Another replies: “F*** me, Jesus that nearly hit the other cars.”

Filmed on the major R24 road in Johannesburg, South Africa, the shocking clip has been shared by thousands after the incident on April 1.

The driver and his colleague were assessed at the scene but miraculously sustained no injuries.

DAMAGE: The robbers blew up way more than just the doors

It is understood a group of suspects – who had been travelling in a BMW and Mercedes-Benz – shot at the tires of the van before forcing the driver and guard out.

The suspects then used explosives to blow up the vehicle before making off with an undisclosed amount of cash and the guard’s gun.

One of the doors that was flung into the air hit a passing car during the explosion.

The driver of the car was seen by medics but luckily escaped without any injuries.

H/T Daily Star

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