BBQ Restaurant Cancels Catering Job with “Back the Blue” Police Supporters After Leftists Threaten to Burn Down their Business

A Tennessee business canceled its catering job with police supporters after threats from the left.


Shuford’s Smoke House says leftists threatened to burn down their business after the accepted an order from “Back the Blue” police supporters.

The mob wins again.

WDEF reported:

One local business received backlash this week after they say they were falsely accused of making a political statement with the back the blue rally.

Owners of Shuford’s smoke house say organizers of today’s Back the Blue contacted them to order food for the event.

Shuford’s says they accepted the job because they believed it was another opportunity to offer their catering services.

Once it was publicly known they took the job , the business says they have been harassed and threatened on social media.

“It was not donated . It was not a reflection of our opinions -our political views” said Co-owner Madison Davis.

“It was literally just a business transaction and I think that’s where the misunderstanding comes in. We’ve never discriminated on what jobs we take. If someone comes to us with money wanting to buy food, we’re not going to turn away money because we are a business and that’s what we’re trying to run.”

Shuford’s says they cancelled the order because of threats to burn down their business.


1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. glenn398

    June 30, 2020 at 9:33 PM

    This is what our country has come to that unless you do what the criminals say they will either burn your business down or threaten physical harm. Beginning to look like Mexico or probably most of south America. Unless our government starts to take out these criminals it is only going to get worse. This sure isn’t the country I grew up in.

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