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Beach Rapper Spits a 6 Minute Freestyle That Absolutely Burns [VIDEO]

This guy is pretty good.  Watch the whole thing as he starts spittin’ toward the end.  Spittin’ is when a rapper raps so quickly it sounds melodic.  Not many rappers can do it well, and this guy has it down pretty good.  He’s one of the best freestyle rappers you’ll ever see.


H/T Mashable

Freestylin’ ain’t easy. Even professional rappers struggle to think as fast as you need to pull off smooth rhyming lines that actually make sense.

This doesn’t seem to be an issue for Harry Mack, who freestyles everywhere he goes. He is so quick on his feet that he also quickly draws crowds anywhere he decides to stop and drop a beat.

His latest video shows him rapping up a storm in Venice Beach, California. He pulls in everything from what people are wearing to how great at rapping he is. But when he says that “he flows so dope, bro” he’s actually telling the complete truth. There’s six minutes of proof right here.

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