• April 19, 2024

Beautiful Model Got Restraining Order Against Muslim Parents, Then Ends Up Dead

Obama loves to whine about the “war on women,” but we all know the REAL war on women is happening within Islam! 

In Islam, if you are born of a father who is Muslim, you are Muslim. If the child refutes Islam, they are considered an apostate, for which the Sharia penalty is death. To ensure that the majority of Muslims never leave Islam, the apostasy law has successfully trapped young, vibrant Islamists from ever having a life of liberation, especially women.

As was taught by the Islamic Prophet Muhammad, women are to be owned throughout their entire lives by some man, whether that man be a father, brother, husband, or even a slave master. Fathers and brothers perpetuate this superiority, handing over their young daughters and sisters to approved suitors, who will takeover ownership.

For a 24-year-old model, neither her independent career, fight for personal freedom, nor a legal restraining order could save her from her Muslim parents’ obedience to Islamic fundamentals.

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Nadia Menaz, 24, had been bucking Islam since she left home at age 16 to become an independent working girl in Manchester, England. The naturally beautiful teen refuted the idea that women must hide in shame, so she pursued the one job that defied the most basic Islamic requirement of concealing one’s beauty — modeling.

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Before garnering the attention of the fashion industry, Nadia worked her way to the top by arranging photo shoots for other models, planning weddings, and arranging floral pieces, the Telegraph reports.

In 2010, she met 25-year-old Umar Rasool, and the pair were immediately smitten. Keeping her relationship hidden from her already estranged family, Nadia married her paramour in a traditional Islamic ceremony in April 2011.

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