• December 6, 2023

Ben Carson Delivers Bizarre RNC Speech Which Invokes Saul Alinsky And The Devil

At the Republican National Convention, doctor Ben Carson gave a very strange speech in which he attacked Hillary Clinton, invoked the devil, and left many people puzzled.

According to Mediaite.com,

Dr. Ben Carson delivered a speech at the Republican National Convention tonight that was truly, truly bizarre in its attacks on Hillary Clinton.

Carson said Clinton idolizes the infamous liberal radical Saul Alinsky, who––he said, is “somebody who acknowledges Lucifer.”

Yes, Carson seemed to argue that America should be turning to God and rejecting a candidate who loves someone who loves Lucifer or something.

According to multiple observations from reporters, the rambling about Alinsky and Lucifer wasn’t in the prompter.

While Carson is an extremely talented doctor, he strayed from the prompter and got carried away with himself on this one. What do you think about his speech? Did he go too far or does this devil talk stem from his hatred for Hillary?

Listen to the speech here

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