• June 17, 2024

Beyonce Performs Anti Police Song And Dance At Award Show [Video]

I just don’t know how Beyonce and for that matter her husband j.z. deal with the everyday oppression in their lives. Of course, I am being sarcastic in my opening. I just don’t understand the logic, but I have to understand this is all emotion based, because if the black community looked in the mirror they can see they only have themselves to blame. No minority group in this country has been given more financial aid then the black community, Yet they continue to live in ghettos, waste schooling opportunities to live a created counter life style to the West, in the West, and wonder why they are in such a plight. Yet Beyonce creates another narrative.

According to 100Percentfed:


Prior to the show, Beyonce met with the Michael Brown’s mom and other moms of people killed by police officers. We guess she forgot about the fact that all of these cases are legitimate cases of crimes being committed by the deceased. The truth is way too buried because it’s more profitable for the truth to be twisted. Where were the families of police officers like the Dallas officers murdered in cold blood? Nope, Beyonce had to stick with a lie and be the political activist she always has been.

What a shame, when did right become wrong? The bad guys are the victims, and the police are the bad guys. The authorities are fighting an uphill battle against a  culture ingrained with crime, guns, drugs and unwanted pregnancies. It then leads to more dependance on government, which becomes more votes for a party that has no care what so ever for the future of law abiding citizens. 8 years of Obama’s “Hope and Change” has just made things possibly unfixable in our life time, and to think 4 more years with Hillary. What do you think?

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