Biden Admin Caught DUMPING ILLEGALS In Red State!

We all knew that once Joe Biden was installed into the White House he was going to reverse all of Trump’s policies to create chaos.

Oh, and Biden did just that.

Hours after being inaugurated as president, Biden took to reversing the strong policies Trump had placed at the border. Not only did Biden reduce enforcement of existing laws against illegal immigration, but he also re-implemented ‘catch-and-release into the interior; ended ‘Remain in Mexico’; neutered Immigration and Customs Enforcement; and ordered wall construction halted.

The left knew that doing these actions would create chaos across the country and now they are using that chaos to their advantage. Now, that everything is in shambles, Biden and his administration will use this time to ‘catch and release’ migrants, especially children, into the interior. Such as, red states that need to turn blue?

And, that’s what’s happening now: Millions are on the way because they, too, know that most will get to stay in America. Somewhere.

Like Tennesee, for instance.

The Daily Mail reports that the regime has been busted distributing migrant children into Tennessee without notifying the state or its congressional contingent:

Several videos obtained by WRCB-TV Channel 3 show a handful of planes carrying minor migrants arriving at Chattanooga’s Wilson Air Center during overnight hours.

Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn said in a statement the transportation of migrants there is taking place in ‘the dead of night without the knowledge or permission of the communities involved.’

A source with direct knowledge of the operation revealed somewhere up to 50 minors are transported at a time – some to reunite with family members in other states and others to be relocated to group homes.

The individual revealed that while the operation started in Dallas, it moved to small airports recently to avoid attention.

In other words, this isn’t just happening in Tennessee; most likely this covert migrant relocation program is being replicated all over the country, but in red states in particular. What’s more, there is no evidence the Biden regime plans to re-implement Trump’s effective enforcement policies anytime soon, either.

Trending politics reports:

“Customs and Border Protection encountered 178,000 migrants in April, a 90 percent increase from April 2020 and slight uptick from March 2021 – when border guards encountered the most unaccompanied children in history,” the Daily Mail reported.

Those figures will continue rising, especially over the summer, leaving states little to say or do about it.

“We have an absolute crisis at the border, and Vice President Harris was appointed to lead the administration’s efforts on the border crisis, but it’s been 56 days, and in that time she hasn’t been to the border once,” Rep. Ashley Hinson, R-Iowa, told Fox News Wednesday in discussing her “See the Crisis Act,” which she introduced this week.

The bill would strip Harris of travel funds until she goes to the border to get a first-hand glimpse, finally, of a crisis, Biden put her in charge of handling.

“She hasn’t held a news conference on the administration’s efforts for a plan, and I think it’s time she does that.”

Prediction: This bill has as much chance of passing as Biden reimplementing Trump’s policies.


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