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What They Just Found Out About The Deleted Database Is Absolutely Insane!

Ok, this is just crazy and somehow the mainstream media and leftists want us to all believe that this was an “accident”. How in the world did they “accidentally” delete the database called: “Results, Tally, AND Reporting”? Just looking at that name it tells you that this is a pretty important file and it shouldn’t be deleted, right?

The file is not called ” dancing cat photos” or anything like that.

Just between you and me, I would keep the cat-file too, but that is not the point. The point is that they knew by that name it was super duper important and they deleted thinking that no one would notice.

A lot of news outlets and reports point to the idea that this database was some sort of copy of an existing database—that it wasn’t THAT important or anything, or that it was not deleted but ‘hidden.’

Those who have been paying attention though will no doubt remember Matt DePerno’s seismic findings on how tabulation results can be changed and date stamped retroactively. In other words: maybe if these deleted databases are copies of existing databases perhaps they were deleted when someone changed and back-stamped results.

Is it hard to fathom that those in the deep state could have deleted the database just in case it may have by chance had any incriminating evidence left over on it from changing the results and then back stamping them? I mean, that isn’t that far-fetched of a theory if you ask me.

We don’t have all the answers at this time, but here is what we currently do know:


NTD News reports:

Ben Cotton, the founder of CyFIR, one of four firms working on the 2020 election audit, said at the Arizona State Capitol in Phoenix that he discovered a master file table “that clearly indicated that the database directory was deleted from that server.”

“Subsequently, I’ve been able to recover all of those deleted files, and I have access to that data,” he added. “I have the information I need from the recovery efforts of the data.”

Maricopa County responded in a tweet on Tuesday: “Just want to underscore that AZ Senate’s ArizonaAudit account accused Maricopa County of deleting files- which would be a crime- then a day after our technical letter explained they were just looking in the wrong place- all of a sudden ‘auditors’ have recovered the files.”

Auditors told Maricopa County officials through the Arizona Senate earlier this month that they discovered an entire database directory from an election machine had been deleted.

In addition, the main database for election management software was not found anywhere on the machine, despite it being referenced as the location for the database.

“This suggests that the main database for all election-related data for the November 2020 General Election has been removed,” Arizona Senate President Karen Fann, a Republican, wrote to Maricopa County’s Board of Supervisors.

ABC News had the typical MSM response of trying to discredit the audit:

Firms hired to run a partisan audit of the 2020 election for Senate Republicans in Arizona said Tuesday that data was not destroyed, reversing earlier allegations that election officials in the state’s most populated county eliminated evidence.

The claim of deleted databases was amplified by former President Donald Trump and his supporters, who believe conspiracy theories about election irregularities.

Ben Cotton, founder of a computer forensics firm working on the audit, told key senators that he had recovered all data. The revelation came a day after Maricopa County officials released a scathing letter saying the auditors couldn’t find the data because they didn’t know where to look.

“I have the information I need from the recovery efforts of the data,” said Cotton, founder of CyFIR LLC.

He spoke at a livestreamed hearing called by Republican Senate President Karen Fann to demand answers from county officials about the allegation of deleted data and improper documentation of ballot storage.

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