• December 11, 2023

Big Name Democrat Betrays Hillary And Thanks Trump For What He Has Done In Louisiana


LA Sen. Mary Landrieu,  a Democrat, thanked Trump for visiting her flood-ravaged state and showing support for those who are suffering. This shows great class and I respect her for that. There are so many that would rather vote party, or support those only because of the “R” or “D” in front of the name.  These floods are horrific, and Trump has shown great leadership during this crisis.

From Breitbart:

Landrieu was asked, “Does a visit by Donald Trump, is that helpful to raising awareness and money?”

She responded, “I think it is. And I want to thank Mr. Trump for coming to Louisiana. I think the governor’s admonition about not using it as a press op is a good one, but he brought attention to our state, and we need that now, because, this disaster, Brianna, is far larger than people can appreciate on television. And if you could see it from a drone’s prospective, and look down all of south Louisiana, this is not just a Baton Rouge area event. Livingston Parish, Ascension Parish, to the south central part of our state, and southwest, all the way over to Calcasieu. This was a horrible rain event, and as you know, Louisiana drains about 40% of the entire United States. So, even when the rain doesn’t sit over us like this did, even when it rains in Minnesota or Arkansas, we get the water. That’s one thing I want people to understand, it’s both a blessing and a burden to have too much water, and we have too much of it now, and it is really a serious disaster, and I hope Secretary Clinton will make her way down, I hope President Obama will make a visit. And we need all the attention and help we can get.”

This just goes to show you that we have to put party aside, and support the candidate that supports people.


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