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Black college student attacks White student over BRAIDED HAIR: Racial hate crime?

Political correctness has once again entered the madness arena in America with a black college student violently pummeling a white college student for wearing braided hair. According to the Daily Caller, Carmen Figueroa, who is a student at the elite $64,940-per-year college Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts decided that a white female basketball player wearing braids needed a beatdown for cultural appropriation” of a black hairstyle. She believes that being white, female in America with braids is a crime.


The 20-year-old Figueroa, clearly has been let loose from her liberal “safe place” kicked and stepped on the white student and violently threw another player to the ground. The savage attack occurred on January 27 after the conclusion of a women’s basketball game at the Hampshire’s Robert Crown Center.

This was a clear racially motivated attack, yet crickets can be heard from the mainstream media about how outrageous the attack was as well as the black student’s nonsensical notion that a racial or ethnic group has propriety over a particular hairstyle. This young woman clearly must be channeling her inner Black Panther movement. The school should automatically suspend her as well as demand she be persecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

One has to wonder what has possessed this vicious attacker and other like her who in the past several years have hurled insulting verbal venom at white women for wearing braided hair in public. Perhaps the white females in question did not get the “Cultural appropriation” memo, because they may have thought that they lived in America and not some police state where one’s behavior and hairstyle is regulated by cultural and racial edicts.

There is a height of racial political correctness that has become more and more offensive on college campuses. Since the Obama administration, far too many college campuses have developed into hotbeds of racial identity political time bombs.

The bottom line: No person, and especially non-black students are safe to speak their mind or wear a hairstyle without fear of having that behavior labelled as an extension of racism and even a form of genocide.

Figueroa has pleaded not guilty to charges of disorderly conduct, assault and battery and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. She and those students who embrace this cancerous intolerant political correctness must be dealt with firmly by both the colleges and court system if any semblance of normalcy will be restored on the nation’s campuses.

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