• September 27, 2022

Black Liberals Lynch Clarence Thomas On Twitter As He Dissents In Murder Case

Disgusting liberals are showing their true colors today as they berate Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas for dissenting in a case against a black murderer. Because they’re so obsessed with race, they think he should have cast his decision for the black guy just because he’s black too.

So this is the kind of crap they’re flinging online:

Black Liberals Lynch Clarence Thomas On Twitter As He Dissents In Murder Case

Pretty classy. I bet these degenerates don’t even know the criminal they’re defending.

Here’s what the scumbag did:

This is a death-penalty case. Queen Madge White, a 79-year-old widow, lived by herself in Rome, Georgia. Early in the evening of August 27, 1986, a friend took White to choir practice, and brought her home at 8:30 p.m. White talked to her sister by telephone at 9:00 p.m. and everything was normal. However, when the sister stopped by early the next morning, she discovered that White’s house had been broken into and ransacked.

The sister called the police, who found White’s body lying on the floor in her bedroom covered to her chin by a blanket. Her face was coated with talcum powder. Her jaw was broken. She had a severe gash on the top of her head. She had been sexually molested with a salad-dressing bottle, and strangled to death. A number of her possessions were missing from her home.

The appellant, Timothy Tyrone Foster, was arrested for White’s murder a month later when he threatened his live-in companion and she responded by turning him in. The victim’s possessions were recovered from their home and from Foster’s two sisters. Foster was interrogated and confessed. A jury convicted him of malice murder and burglary, and sentenced him to death. This is his appeal.

How disgusting is that?

And these maggots writhing themselves into a lather on Twitter are angry that Clarence Thomas would dare decide against this evil scumbag based on his skin color.


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