Black Lives Matter Demands Reparations for Slavery



Black Lives Matter (BLM) is now demanding reparations for slavery.  It figures since they can’t burn down drugstores or bust out liquor store windows forever.  They want a panel set up, whose job it would be to decide who qualifies for reparations and how much it should be.  My guess is they want the panel to be made up mostly of their leaders.  Slavery ended 141 years ago and no one who was ever a slave is still alive and no slave owner is still alive, so what is the issue here.  If any of them can prove they were a slave i would agree to reparations.

From The Daily Headlines:

“Closing the gender and race gap, protection for queer and trans folks, workers’ bill of rights, investing in our communities — all of these things can be put into a reparations framework because we have to look at the root cause of all of these issues and they’re all a product of harm that’s been done through government and corporations that profited off of black bodies and labor.”

Throwing money at them won’t make them advance socially or financially.  Neither their voting 93% for a party that wants to bring in 30 million illegals that will assure that no black kid out of high school can find a job.  What they don’t realize is that they are all on a liberal owned plantation and they are only counted as votes nothing more.  It’s an infrastructure problem.  We need to tear down archaic rules set down by liberal democrats and spend money to help them succeed.  It’s a two generation solution at best, but everyone will benefit from doing it right

But what would happen if the Jews went to court for reparations against blacks who claim to be the original Egyptians for building the pyramids?  Inquiring minds want to know.

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