• June 13, 2024

Black Lives Matter Leader Arrested for Human Trafficking


Charles Wade, a Black Lives Matter activist and founder of Operation Help after the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, has been arrested for human trafficking for pimping out a 17 year old girl from the motel room where he lives in Maryland.  Operation Help claims it provides food and shelter for activists….ot maybe just one activist, Wade.

Wade has been charged with 7 crimes including including felonies for human trafficking.  If convicted, Wade faces up to 25 years in prison and a $ 15,000 dollar fine.  He posted a $25,000 bail and is now free until his trial.  Wade is a former stylist for Solange Knowles, sister of noted racist, Beyonce.  Since then, he has been mentioned prominently in news stories about Black Lives Matter.

From The Daily Caller:

Last year, a team of Washington Post reporters, including Pulitzer Prize-winner Wesley Lowery, included Wade in a profile of Black Lives Matter activists who protested after the Aug. 2014 shooting of Michael Brown by Ferguson, Mo. police officer Darren Wilson.

The Post piece referred to questions about Wade’s fundraising activities — which he and his group conduct mostly through Twitter — but offered a largely glowing portrayal of the activist.

The paper also covered him in Dec. 2014 after he helped model Chrissy Teigen and singer John Legend donate to activists protesting Eric Garner’s death in New York City.

He was also profiled by Fusion after he purchased 40 pizzas for activists working in Baltimore during the Freddie Gray protests. Politico also wrote about him in an article entitled “Ferguson Inc.”

Wade was busted after an undercover policeman answered the girl’s ad in The Back Page, a site often used by prostitutes and their pimps.  The girl says that she handed over every penny from her prostitution to Wade, who she described as her agent.  She also said that Wade was well aware that she was underage but that he said he wasn’t afraid because she was just five months away from her 18th birthday.  Wade denies all the charges.  Police say that it was Wade who texted the undercover officer who answered the ad.

Police records show that Wade was previously arrested for grand theft, but the case was closed in February, without a conviction.  He has also been arrested for making a false statement.




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