• June 17, 2024

Black Trump Supporter Says Hillary Should Just Wear a Blackface

Pastor Darrell Scott, an ardent supporter of Donald Trump argues that Hillary Clinton is so condescending that she might as well wear blackface as well as using her phony black voice.

It happened during the Sean Hannity Show as Hannity and guest, Juan Williams were having a back and forth argument.

Hannity was denouncing the racist speech Hillary gave trying to link the KKK (Who has endorsed her and contributed $20,000 to her campaign) to Donald Trump and every republican in the country.

Hannity said:

“But considering it’s her, and she’s so dishonest, and she lies so often, and she sold out her office, and she got caught, I’m not surprised she did it.”

I wouldn’t call all democrats racist because I don’t believe we should let 99.3% of them give the rest a bad name.

hc black
NO, this is not Bill and Hillary Clinton

Scott then jumped in:

“One thing you have to understand when Donald Trump calls Hillary a bigot. Bigotry does not always manifest as hatred. Bigotry can be manifest with kindness and niceness.”

Scoot says that Hillary uses her black impersonation “to reach down” to blacks because she thinks they are inferior and needs her leading them.

“That’s insulting.  She might as well put on blackface — that’s what she might as well do. She pantomimes us, she insults us, she imitates us.”

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