• June 21, 2024

Black Woman Starts New Reparations for All Non Whites


You can now pay reparations to Mexicans, South Americans, Chinese, Arabs or any group you feel guilty about, thanks to a new website created by Natasha Marin, named reparations.me, offers you the opportunity to not only repay all of the slaves you’ve owned but for anyone who isn’t white.  The site allows non whites to enter specific requests of what they want and whites can go there and fulfill their wish list.  One man wants $6,000 to help pay for his final semester at an Ivy League school, the University of Pennsylvania.

Another woman has requested a car, although she’d be willing to accept cash to put towards one:

“Honestly, me and my 7-month-old NEED A CAR.  I’ve had a bus driver turn me away cause he had no room for a stroller, I’ve been on buses where someone got on and literally shit on themself , all of which are experiences I would be grateful to limit in my babies life.”

From The Daily Caller:

In a request that was later fulfilled, a black woman named Enne asked for help buying an engagement ring for her lesbian partner. Enne explained that a prior divorce (from a man) and caring for her two kids left her unable to afford an engagement ring. She apparently was successful, as her post is one of a dozen marked “satisfied.”

One white woman named Katherine offered as reparations “free 1-hour channeled readings to those seeking spiritual guidance & self-understanding, via video chat to 1 individual per week. In addition to channeling energy & information from the spirit world on your behalf, I will provide instruction in techniques for grounding your energy & healing.”

Marin says she started the website so non-white people could “ask for what we need to feel better, be happier, be more productive by posting in this space.” Marin notes that reparations can be “immaterial requests.” She gives one example on the website where a white person agrees to let a non-white person “scream and cuss” at them.

In another example, a white person claims to have felt guilty before paying reparations. “I was quietly hating myself for doing nothing,” the fictional white person explains.

I am considering donating 5 days to help these people find jobs so they can buy what they want themselves and instill pride in themselves.