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BLM Leader: Police Never Justified in Killing Anyone


Let me ask race hustler DeRay Mckesson a question.  If a gunman was shooting up an elementary school full of black children, should the police sit back and wait until he runs out of ammunition?  What if someone decided they had enough of the domestic terrorists in the BLM and he starts shooting people with an automatic weapon.  Should the police shoot Nerf bullets at him or just beg them to quit?  McKesson is definitely not MENSA material.

McKesson was addressing an event co-sponsored by the San Diego State School of Journalism and Media Studies.  He made the comparison of a cop killing a thug to a parent killing their child.  I fail to see the connection.  Police take on the worst dregs of society and I would venture to guess most young children do not fall into that category.  After he was finished one of the professors gave his take on McKesson’s speech:

From The Daily Caller:

“People in communities are afraid too, and I’m reminded of that every day. People in communities don’t get to just kill people because they’re afraid. Fear doesn’t replace the need for accountability,” Mckesson responded.

He is most well known for his protests in the Black Lives Matter movement.

Officers arrested Mckesson and fellow protesters as they demonstrated against the police shooting of Alton Sterling in July. After being arrested, Mckesson filed a class action lawsuit against Baton Rogue, La., among others.

In his lawsuit, Mckesson alleged that the Baton Rogue police “used a “militarised and aggressive manner” when trying to clear the protesters from the streets.


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