• June 29, 2022

Refugee Terrorist Voted Illegally Three Times


You might wonder how a refugee could vote so many times, but it’s ridiculously simple.  Arcan Cetin, who opened fire in the Sears store in the Cascades Mall in Burlington, Washington and killed five people.  When he went into the station to register to vote, he had to undergo a rigorous interrogation.  They ask you if you are a US citizen and if you say no, they won’t let you vote.  After all, America is an evil country, why would anyone want to be associated with it voluntarily?  It’s the same test DHS gives to refugees.  They ask them if they are terrorists and if they say yes……..well………they let them in anyway.

Cetin was born in Turkey and although he holds a green card, he is ineligible to vote.  This is part of the democrats plan for expanding voting rights.  In Virginia ex cons can now vote again.  In California you can now vote from your prison cell and in Washington, you can vote even if you are a terrorist.  Lovely.  Even illegals can vote carte blanche in almost every blue state because they do not require proof of citizenship.

The answer is simple, using a tactic used by democrats in the Obamacare bill.  Congress needs to limit voting rights for illegals, cons and terrorists.  They pass the bill and have President Trump sign them into law.  Now here’s where the trick comes into play.  A clause in every bill says it requires a super majority of 67% to overturn the law.  If the Senate uses the filibuster, vote to change the rules back where you have to do a physical filibuster and not merely call for one.  Rules in the Senate can be change on a simple majority/

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