• July 2, 2022

Refugees Demand Sharia Law for 55 No Go Zones in Sweden

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Sweden has reluctantly admitted that there are Muslim No Go zones, unlike France that refuses to admit they don’t control large sections of their own country.  If an ambulance is needed in one of these zones, they have to have a police escort and the refugees attack the police with rocks and bottles.  They also demand that their areas be ruled by Sharia Law as opposed to the laws of the host country.  Sweden is now the rape capital of Europe although Germany could wrest the title away from them.

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From The US Herald:

There’s little doubt that Europe is currently on the same perilous journey as their ancestor’s and will in time face the same consequences, if their reluctance to face the truth continues, ironically history is indeed repeating itself again, however the end results is any-bodies guess.

Recently Ingrid Carqvist sat down for a Q and A discussion about the growing Muslim crises in Europe, and of the Swedish Government’s refusal to acknowledge the obvious, the following is the brief exchange.

RT: All the risks are listed on a leaflet issued by Hungary. The pamphlet claims hundreds of completely lawless ‘no-go zones’ exist in Europe especially in Sweden. However, the Swedish embassy in Hungary has dismissed Budapest’s claims – saying no such areas exist. Do you think these leaflets are an exaggeration?

Ingrid Carlqvist:

No, it’s not. This is just semantics. The Swedish authorities don’t want to call them ‘no-go zones.’ They think that ‘no -go zones’ is place where no one can enter. But that is not what normal people mean. They mean that the ambulances can’t go there without police escort. When the police come there, they will get stoned and people will try to set fire to police cars and so on. They are lawless areas – and that is what people call ‘no-go zones’. No normal person would ever go inside there.

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